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Sales and Wholesalers

Your mission to create fine spirits, liquors that celebrate the flavors of Thailand sounds delightful! 

Thailand truly is a treasure trove of natural beauty, from its stunning beaches to the sun-kissed fruits and aromatic sugarcane. Using these gifts from nature to craft flavorful beverages is a wonderful endeavor.

We produce alcohol using real sugarcane, grapes, and bananas, avoiding molasses. It’s this commitment to authenticity that sets your distillery apart.

For those who want to experience your craft firsthand, a visit to your distillery near Cha-Am, just 8 km from the beach, is a must. Whether individually or as part of a group, guests can explore the art of distillation and savor the fruits of your labor.

Ms. Jeab is the person to contact for this delightful experience. Her number is 083 6387123. Cheers to your passion for creating exceptional drinks!